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How Can I Help?


My coaching services are available through 6-month and 12-month packages, though tailored packages between 6 and 12 months are available upon further discussion. Coaching sessions are scheduled bi-weekly within these packages and are available on either an individual or group basis.


A 3-month coaching package is also available for those interested in sampling the process of growth coaching, though I’ll note that lasting transformation requires tremendous practice and commitment that typically begins to crystalize after the 6-month mark.

While my rates are fixed, I do operate on a sliding scale for a limited number of clients. I believe the process of connecting with deep values and creating a meaningful impact on the world does not have to be limited by socioeconomic status. While I hold that there’s a necessary value in investing in the process of transformation, I’m happy to discuss further about the availability of subsidized package options.


To further discuss coaching enquiries, schedule a call by clicking below.

While the application of positive, clinical, and organizational psychology lends itself incredibly well to the world of coaching, it’s by no means limited to this field. Domains like leadership and communication have too been well informed by research from the likes of Brené Brown, Dan Goleman, and Marshall Rosenberg, to name a few.


For this reason, I lead training workshops centred around these very concepts—leadership and communication. These workshops are experiential by design, in that participants solidify their learning by engaging in a series of empirically-supported exercises, practices, and strategies during the course of the programs. You can think of it as a harmony of informative and experiential learning: learn, do, relearn, redo. For further workshop enquiries, schedule a call by clicking below.


I deliver keynotes for events in which, unlike my workshops, time restrictions don’t allow for frequent participant involvement—as is often the case for “lunch and learn’s” and other corporate events. My talks centre around mental wellness, communication, and values-based living although the content can be tailored to fit the specific needs of an event. To further discuss speaking engagement enquiries, schedule a call by clicking below.


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