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Transform your mind into your greatest asset

If you’re a busy entrepreneur and you’re experiencing mental overload...

**Finding it harder and harder to**

  • focus at length

  • overcome distractions

  • deal with anxiety

  • accept the present moment

  • tune out the mental noise

  • have a clear understanding of yourself

  • feel grounded

  • fall asleep

...I encourage you to pay very close attention here.

My name's Kyle Shea and I’m writing to you from Vancouver, Canada.


With my background in psychology and professional coaching, I’ve spent the past 6+ years sculpting and finetuning my own mental fitness and helping clients do the same.

After seeing too many fellow entrepreneurs struggle with...


  • Weakening focus

  • Overcoming distractions

  • Brain fog with setting priorities

  • Feeling pre-occupied even during non-stress events

  • Falling asleep at night


...I realized I could help put a stop to this unnecessary suffering. 

I finally created a solution so that you can evolve your mental fitness: ignore distractions and hyperfocus at length, overcome brain fog and mental noise, take on even MORE meaningful challenges without burning out, improve self-awareness, and increase the genuine joy in your life.

why most entrepreneurs struggle...

The biggest reason I see hard-working entrepreneurs struggle with mental overload is because most other solutions in the hustle-culture industry don’t focus on fixing the ROOT CAUSE here.


Mental overload is a direct result of not having access or insight into your greatest asset: your mind.


It’s not about planning out your day, creating a better work/life balance, or getting yourself to the gym…while helpful, these deal with the symptoms.


Beneath all of these, it’s about being able to accurately observe your mind under any circumstances and regain control over the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that constantly shape it. 


Yet, so many other solutions fail to target this. Instead, they put a proverbial band-aid over the surface level “symptoms” of mental overload, without ever directly training the most important piece: your mind.


With my new Mind Mastery Accelerator program I’ve created a process that any entrepreneur can use to conquer mental overload once and for all and finally transform their mind into their greatest asset, with:


  • Improved focus

  • Resistance to distractions/temptations

  • An ability to manage anxiety and stay mentally grounded

  • An increase in genuine joy and gratitude


My clients (especially business owners) have used the core of this system–personalized for each of them–to:

  1. Unhook from the constant (often invisible) forces of impulses and temptation

  2. Get out of the trap of procrastination

  3. Restore a sense of calm on command.

a practical solution for mental overload...

Inside this program, I’ve left no stone unturned. 


Here’s EVERYTHING you’re going to learn:

  • How to train your mind to recover focus, so you can reliably “stay in the zone” when boredom, distractions, and temptations strike elsewhere in life

  • How to defuse yourself from destructive thoughts so you can feel grounded and self-aware (especially in the face of stress)

  • How to meditate from evidence-based techniques so that you can get results that are measurable and repeatable

  • How to make meditation a personalized, life-long skill that transforms your mental fitness in less than 30 days

  • How to make this skill bulletproof for the real world so you can benefit from it regardless of your mood, environment, or social surroundings.


For most busy entrepreneurs, trying to conquer mental overload and hyper-evolve their mental fitness can take months or even years, and cost $6,000 to $12,000 (or more) especially when working 1-on-1 with a coach.


How Much Is The Investment?

The investment to join this program at LAUNCH is going to be $945. 


But, for the duration of my beta program (likely just over the next 2-4 weeks) I’m discounting the price to $445 for the next 10 people who join. 


To make it a true no-brainer, you don’t even need to pay-in-full now. All I’m asking for is a $50 fully refundable deposit to show that you’re serious so that I can know exactly how many people will be in the initial beta group.

my iron-clad guarantee to you

I stand behind the work that I put out into the world.


My measure of a successful program is one that gives you results that are observable, repeatable, and snowball off of each other as opposed to only feel-good moments that fail to make lasting change. 


For that reason, when you join the program you get a money-back guarantee.


If you’re not satisfied with the results upon completing this 30-day program, send me an email or give me a call and you’ll get your money back.


To qualify, make sure you complete:

  • The daily journal entries and send a photo/digital file of all 30 entries

  • The daily meditation tracker and send a photo/digital file of all 30 days completed

  • Each of the 1-on-1 accelerator sessions

  • Every lesson from each learning module


You’ll then qualify for a refund of your total course payment.


I’m In - What’s Next?

If you’ve read this letter and think this is the right fit for you, shoot me back a message saying “I’m in!” and I’ll get you set up :) 


First come, first serve. 10 spots is the limit. Just a $50 fully refundable deposit to reserve your discounted spot.


Let me know if you’re in! Or if you have any specific questions and want to chat. 



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